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What is a mobile dental hygiene clinic?

Although it is a new concept in Quebec but a popular service in the rest of Canada, a mobile dental hygiene clinic is the type of service where your dental hygienist transports their equipment and portable instruments. The service is just as efficient and safe as if you received it from your dentist, but in the comfort of your home or office.

Mobile dental hygiene clinics and hygienists are subject to the same rules and regulations as a regular dental clinic. The same infection control protocols are followed and the same care process provided.

Why choose us?

The “Tooth to Tooth” promise is to provide you with personalized service. You will be given the time and care necessary to achieve the best results for your oral health.

Dental Care for Seniors

“Tooth to tooth” works in collaboration with several residences for the elderly in the Montreal region. Please be assured that I can tailor my services to your loved ones, providing limited dental cleanings and treatment to all, including complex cases such as patients with existing health issues (eg dementia, mobility issues).

Featured Services

Dental cleaning

Do you have dental anxiety, transport and / or mobility difficulties or just too busy for your dental cleaning appointments?

Say goodbye to it all. In the comfort of your home, or in your office, your dental hygiene cleanings may well become a more enjoyable and stress-free experience.

I can organize my availability according to your schedule. All I need is a private space in your home or office and you are in my clinic!

Polishing and stain removal

Do you play contact sports? If you look at pictures of your favorite hockey players in action, you will notice that many of them have lost teeth and all of them are wearing mouth guards.
A properly worn mouthguard protects you from traumatic forces, thus protecting your teeth from direct impact and breakage. Wear one and keep your smile.

Oral hygiene

What better way to get your child to adopt healthy oral hygiene habits for life than doing it in the comfort of your home? Using materials and learning tools for children , he will experience his dental cleanings in a familiar environment, giving him the necessary knowledge to take better care of his teeth and gums, and help him to be a better patient during his visit to his dentist for his next review.

Fluoride application

An excellent step after cleaning. Applying fluoride to adults and children gives an extra boost to the surface of the tooth enamel. This application not only prevents cavities, but also relieves the sensitive teeth.

About Me

Joy Maderazo
HD Quebec
Dentistry has always been a part of my life. I started as a student dentist in the Philippines until I moved to Canada in 1990. For a while, I thought I was done with the dentist until I found a job in a dental clinic as an assistant. It was then that I realized that dentistry and helping people are part of who I am and I would love nothing more than to devote my professional career to it. Graduated from John Abbott College of Dental Hygiene in Montreal, Quebec in 2010, I began working as a general practice dental hygienist for the next 10 years. In this environment, I honed my skills and learned many ways to treat clients.

After 10 years as an employee, I found myself looking for more autonomy to treat and see my clients according to my experience and my convictions.

I believe in individualized care and work diligently to be up to date with current dental trends and technology.
My commitment to you as a dental hygienist is to strive to make your experience as therapeutic and easy as possible.

Mobile Dental Hygiene Clinic – Tooth to Tooth

Phone number

Our Address

113 Sainte-Anne St. #7
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